Monday, March 26, 2012

The Truth About Drug Companies

Prior to reading The Truth About the Drug companies I've never really thought about the world of drugs and how corrupted the system is. I think it is outrageous how much money is spent each year just so they can "improve" older drugs, which also don't guarantee you better results and don't have tested side effects. I also find the network between physicians and pharmaceutical companies outrageous, and it is almost hard to believe that doctors perform these clinical studies on us to test the drugs to see if they will be the next big thing. Learning about how easily we can be deceived by our doctors is frightening because they are supposed to be helping us live better, but instead a lot of them are in their professions just for the money. Another thing I find fascinating is how these pharmaceutical companies come up with many illnesses and or diseases just to sell their drug and make money. Many have minor symptoms that are so closely related that any person on a bad day can come across the list and convince themselves that they are suffering, yet once they convince themselves they are ill they fail to realize that the side effects probably are a lot more harmful compared to their current symptoms.

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