Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Me-Too Drugs?!?!

I have to say that I was a little, okay maybe a lot frustrated when I was reading about these me-too drugs. I honestly had no idea about these "leftover" drugs which are so prominently created and sold by drug companies every single year. Basically, drug companies can get away with producing a drg that they claim to be better than the original, right after the past drug is about to go off patent? How can the FDA not realize this? Or maybe they do but just do not care enough to make note of it. Obviously these drug companies are doing a great job of passing all of their clinical tests so easily and getting these only slightly different drugs by them. Literally, all the drug companies do is increase the dosage of the new drug they are trying to get approved on all the clinical trials and of course it will look like it works better. But when a person buys this drug, are they really going to take that high does that it was tested at? No, and this is why the people are being completely misinformed about new, specialty prescription drugs that will help their pain a lot better and will adhere to a wider variety of their symptoms, which is not true at all. The drug companies are the only ones benefitting because they are able to make much higher profits because the people are so easily persuaded to buy drugs that will help ease their pain. If they see a commercial or an advertisement for a new drug that everybody is switching too that will treat all of their symptoms, they will witch to it. And the best part is that the medical doctors know that the past drugs were just as good, however, they cost a hell of a lot less money and will make them and the pharmaceutical companies no profit so they keep on prescribing these "new," me-too drugs. It also saddened me a little when Angell was talking about how success in the me-too market forms. She sai that basically drug companies do not focus their attnetion at all on people with tropical illnesses such as malaria, sleeping sickness, etc because those are Third World diseases and the companies know that people there cannot pay for such drugs to treat them. Wow, that stunned me because so many people out there are onstantly dying and decaying and suffering daily because they have these diseases and have no way of getting treatment for them. All that these companies care about is making money, they are truly not concerned about the people's health, which in my opinion should be there main concern, because if majorities of the populations in different societies are suffering than how are these people supposed to pay for anything? They pretty much seem to not care about our health specifically, but whether we are able to PAY in order to keep our health in tact and where it should be. A quote that really got me was "Once upon a time , drug companies promoted drugs to treat diseases...now..they promote diseases to fit their drugs," (Angell, 86). This section reminded me a lot of Conrad's discussion on medicalization of  certain symptoms that are now being labelled as diseases. Why are so many things all of a sudden becoming diseases? It is so that the drug companies and all others associated with them can make higher profits. Nothing beneficial of this is coming to anybody else in any society.

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