Monday, February 27, 2012

Diuresis and the Cold

After reading Survival of the Sickest by Dr. Moalem, I have to say I agree with a lot of the research and data that he presents. I especially found the chapter about the cold weather to be true. I never realized how the systems worked to make the torso of your body warm, while the fingertips and toes are freezing. I do however, experience this often when it is extremely cold outside and especially when it is snowing. Even if I am wearing the heaviest gear, under armour, gloves, double socks, etc, my hands and feet will continue to be frozen as long as i stay outside, however the rest of my body barely gets cold, and if it does its only after a few hours. Although I know this is a form of defense for our organs, it sucks because if you want to have a snowball fight, or go skiing for the whole day it is bad. I am a frequent skiier so I know exactly how this feels. My ski boots do not even remotely keep my feet warm, and now I realize that its because al the blood is going to the center of my body to protect my vital organs.

Additionally, the bit Moalem wrote about having to pee whilst being cold was entirely too true. Whenever I'm on the ski mountain, I always get the urge to pee at random intervals. It always happens to be when I'm at the coldest part of the mountain too, right before I am about to go down the trail. Really??? I absolutely hate the feeling because it is so uncomfortable and such an annoying process to have to go to the bathroom while at a ski place. Internal pressure as a reason seems to make some sense because at the coldest part of the mountain, there is more pressure from the inside of your body, and the increased blood flow to certain pars in order to keep you warm. This seems like an extremely debated about question that I too would like to know the answer too. Why do we have an urge to pee whenever it gets really cold outside?? Any thoughts...

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